Air Conditioning Unit Repair Guide Part 2

The prospect of having to shell out major bucks to have your air conditioning system repaired is not pleasant to say the least. Therefore it’s a good idea to have at least a minimum understanding of the potential problems that can occur in your AC unit. This is the second part of two articles describing the most common problems you might see and rough ideas of air conditioning repair costs.

Now here’s one you probably can’t miss, a leak. Your air conditioner might be leaking right inside your house. This could be as simple as a stopped up drain which you might be able to clear up yourself. Unfortunately this also could be as devastating as an evaporator coil pan being rusted through. Replacing this could run you a grand or more.

Something else you might notice is ice on the lines and at the condenser. This should not be an expensive problem in most all cases. You might have a very dirty evaporator or filter. Your unit could also be low on refrigerant. Also you may have a problem with the blower motor or blower motor capacitor which may be a bit more costly.

Perhaps you have a thermostat issue with your AC unit. Maybe the temperature is just not holding to the value you set it at. This could be a simple calibration problem which shouldn’t cost you a thing. Or it could be a defective thermostat which may cast a hundred bucks or so. But you should be able to put this in yourself.

Another odd problem might be in the distribution of cold air in your home. Several rooms in your home might be colder than others. This might be a faulty installation; dampers may be missing in the duct system. This would cause an imbalance in the air flow in the system. Repair costs associated with this should not be too great.

If you notice that your air conditioning unit just runs constantly, that’s a problem. You are more than likely running low on refrigerant. Also there may be a condition where the returns are pulling air from the attic. The problem needs to be located and fixed.

Air conditioner repair can be a scary affair for your wallet. I hope this series of articles can be of some assistance in allaying your fears and understanding the working and problems of your air condition system, be on the lookout for problems and keep the system in proper repair. You will save energy and avoid more costly repairs.

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